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5G的影响:5G将如何影响供应链和物流? 供应链和物流涉及很多移动部件。跟踪这些项目并将它们从A安全地保存到B是一种经常不受重视的艺术形式。
  • 在WWL,我们正在努力了解如何最好地利用IoT和5G等技术来最大限度地提高可靠性并简化我们的运营,从而降低我们和客户的成本。
    发布时间:8/18/2017作者:AlexanderTøgard 这是涵盖下一代5G移动网络的三部分系列的最后一部分。如何提高速度,容量和可靠性会改变一切?我们请Telenor Research的副总裁兼技术主管Patrick Waldemar给我们启发。 第一部分: 什么是5G,它对我们的社会意味着什么? 第二部分: 5G将如何影响汽车行业和移动性? 在WWL,我们不断尝试优化我们的流程并采用最新技术。最近,我们一直关注下一代移动网络5G的潜在影响,以及它如何为制造,供应链和消费者带来新的可能性。 我们很幸运能够让Telenor Research的副总裁兼技术主管Patrick Waldemar来参观,告诉我们更多关于5G将如何改变社会的许多方面以及我们开展业务的方式。   物联网......和货物! 您之前可能听说过物联网(IoT)这个术语。物联网意味着互联网几乎可以连接我们拥有的所有东西,而不仅仅是连接人。为了实现拥有数千个互连对象的未来 - 在您的家中,工作场所和旅途中 - 我们需要一种能够处理所有这些连接和数据的新移动技术。窄带物联网(NB-IoT)是朝这个方向迈出的第一步,5G物联网解决方案将进一步改进。窄带物联网(NB-IoT)是使用现有4G网络的新技术。NB-IoT具有高能效,高安全性和远距离。   


在短短几年内,帕特里克向我们保证,5G连接传感器的价格将如此之低,可用性如此之高,以至于一切都可以连接而不必担心丢失传感器。物联网设备的低功耗还可以实现长寿命而无需更换。当所有东西都被自动标记,跟踪和记录时,将会失去货物,错放集装箱以及由于人工效率低下和劳动力造成的损失。此外,通过始终在线技术可以创建透明和优化的供应链,从而节省时间和成本。   完全问责,更好的跟踪 包裹或容器通常在运输和临时或永久存储期间易手,从而在供应链中造成责任,所有权和保险问题。如果运输的物体在A点和B点之间受损,那么损坏实际发生在哪里,谁应该受到责备呢?


与所有相关方自动记录和共享数据,无需人工检查点,可以让企业和客户都高枕无忧。它还可以加速生产,简化复杂的物流流程,并大大降低成本。如果发生事故,可以尽快制定应急计划,为缓解提供更好的时间。 5G的先驱 在Telenor Research,Patrick Waldemar已经为大学和企业家发送了数百个传感器来进行实验和研究。目的是提出利用物联网功能的新方法。有关更多信息,请参阅Telenor Start IoT。帕特里克说,我们需要开拓者将今天的技术推向突破点,以便我们了解明天的解决方案需要克服哪些挑战。 在WWL,我们正在努力了解如何最好地利用IoT和5G等技术来最大限度地提高可靠性并简化我们的运营,从而降低我们和客户的成本。但是,仅仅大量的数据是不够的。我们需要使用我们从未见过的规模的智能软件。这是物联网与大数据相遇的地方。这是未来,我们很高兴能成为其中的一员。 附原文如下: Supply chain and logistics involves a lot of moving parts. Keeping track of these items and getting them securely from A to B is an art form that often goes unappreciated. At WWL, we are working to understand how we can best leverage technologies such as IoT and 5G to maximize reliability and streamline our operations, reducing costs for both us and our customers. PUBLISHED: 8/18/2017 AUTHOR: Alexander Tøgard This is the last part of a three part series covering the next generation 5G mobile network. How will increased speed, capacity and reliability change everything? We have asked VP and Head of Technology at Telenor Research, Patrick Waldemar to enlighten us. Part one: What is 5G and what does it mean for our society? Part two: How will 5G affect the automotive industry and mobility? At WWL we are constantly trying to optimize our processes and employ the latest technology. Lately we have been focusing on the potential impact of the next mobile network generation, 5G, and how it will enable new possibilities for manufacturing, supply chain and consumers. We have been lucky to have Patrick Waldemar, VP and Head of Technology at Telenor Research, come and visit to tell us more about how 5G will transform many aspects of society and the way we do business. The Internet of Things… and cargo! You may have heard the term Internet of Things (IoT) before. The IoT means that, rather than just connecting people, the Internet will also connect almost everything we own. To enable a future with thousands of interconnected objects - in your home, at your workplace and on the road – we need a new mobile technology able to handle all this connectivity and data. Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is the first step in this direction and 5G IoT solutions will give further improvements. Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a new technology using the existing 4G network. NB-IoT is energy efficient with high security and long range.  The future 5G solution has specifications that outperform our current 4G mobile network in several ways. Huge improvements in capacity for device density, transfer speeds and reducing latency, along with a 90% reduction in power consumption, are just some of the ambitions for 5G. In just a few years, Patrick assures us, the price of 5G-connected sensors will be so low, and the availability so high, that everything can be connected without worrying about losing the sensors. The low power consumption of the IoT devices also enables a long lifetime without the need for replacements. When everything is labelled, tracked and recorded automatically,  gone will be the days of losing cargo, misplacing containers and losses due to manual inefficiency and labour. Furthermore, creating transparent and optimised supply chains will be enabled by always-on technology that should allow for savings in both time and cost. Full accountability with better tracking A parcel or container usually changes hands during transportation and temporary or permanent storage, thus posing a problem of responsibility, ownership and insurance in the supply chain. If the transported object was damaged between point A and point B, where did the damage actually happen and who is really to blame? By installing 5G-connected sensors to every single item, either on the inside or outside of packaging, the stakeholders in the supply chain can, at any given time, see the item’s location, temperature, humidity, g-forces, and much more. Recording and sharing data automatically with all parties involved, without the need for manual checkpoints, would give peace of mind to both businesses and customers alike. It could also speed up production, streamline complex logistical processes, and help cut costs drastically. And if incidents were to happen, contingency plans can be drawn up sooner giving better time for mitigation.  The pioneers of 5G At Telenor Research Patrick Waldemar has sent out hundreds of sensors for universities and entrepreneurs to experiment with and do research. The aim is to come up with new and innovative ways to utilize the capabilities of the IoT. For more information see Telenor Start IoT. We need pioneers, Patrick says, to push today’s technology to breaking point so that we know what challenges tomorrow’s solutions need to overcome. At WWL, we are working to understand how we can best leverage technologies such as IoT and 5G to maximize reliability and streamline our operations, reducing costs for both us and our customers. Enormous amounts of data alone will not be enough, though. We need to use smart software on a scale we have never seen before. This is where IoT meets Big Data. This is the future, and we are excited to be a part of it.

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